Pencak Silat

Pencak Silat is an ancient martial art having its roots in the south east asian areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapur.

Pencak Silat itself comprises a multitude of styles, which are very different depending on the region and ethnical groups where each style originated. Common elements of all syles are smooth movements, elements resembling and influencing traditional dance, but also fighting application as self defense.



Pencak Silat Anak Harimau is a group training a style of Pencak Silat having its roots in West Sumatra within the people of the Minang Kabau. These elements are combined with elements of modern Pencak Silat. Anak Harimau means tiger cub or young tiger.

Anak Harimau encompasses the four aspects common for Pencak Silat. Ethical behaviour and respect are a basis for learning Anak Harimau. Training always requires an respectful athmosphere.



Possibilities to train Pencak Silat Anak Harimau takes place Murri Watch Mens Shed at TJ Doyle Memorial Drive in Dutton Park, 4102 QLD on Monday and Wednesday 18.30-20.00.

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